We have been working hard to ensure that our guests and staff remain safe.

The Works

  • The Works has created a detailed queuing system for guests. The queuing system will be outside the building for all guests - eat-in, take away and delivery drivers.
  • Upon arrival there will be additional signage to remind guests about social distancing guidelines.
  • The Works has reduced its seating capacity to comply with social distancing regulations.
  • The Works has reviewed the Guest Journey in it’s entirety to ensure that both customer and guest safety is the highest priority.
    • All guests will be greeted at the door, maintaining social distancing guidelines and will be walked to their table.
    • There are multiple hand sanitising stations around the room. Each table will be advised to use the sanitiser before they sit down.
    • Upon seating the guest, there will be sanitised menus on the table.
    • The server will arrive at the table, maintaining social distancing guidelines, and take the order using an iPad. The will then take the menus to be sanitised and then wash and sanitise their hands.
    • All cutlery will be taken to the table after the order is taken. It will be placed in a clean and sanitised tin to minimise the server touching the cutlery and getting close to the guests.
    • When the food is ready, the kitchen team will place the food on to the pass. It will then be carried from here to the tables. No guests will be collecting food for themselves.
    • We will put all food and drink at the end of the table and then ask guests to pass the food down the table.
    • Any additional condiments that guests require will be disposable.
    • When the guests have finished their food, the servers will collect their plates from the table and take them to the dishwasher area. 
    • All payments will be taken at the table. We will inform the guests that card payments are preferable and that contactless payments should be carried out where possible. 
  • As per government guidelines, The Works will be capturing our customer data to help with the ‘Test & Trace’ scheme.
  • All toilets are single occupancy use. All toilets will be cleaned on an increased frequency basis.


Escape at The Works

  • We have added more time inbetween sessions to ensure that rooms can be cleaned thoroughly before the next group enters.
  • All touch points (locks, handles, keys etc.) will be sanitised inbetween sessions.
  • Hand sanitiser will be provided prior to entering the room.
  • We will be supplying gloves for people that wish to use them.
  • A more indepth briefing will take place by our games master.
  • Please ensure that when booking you are following the most recent government guidlines.