Eat-At-The-Works-Escape-At-The-Works-All-Muggled-Up.jpgNo one can deny how fun escape rooms can be. For this reason alone, they’re seeing a massive surge in popularity all over the globe.

But you will be surprised to hear that there are one or two benefits to doing an escape room, making it much more worthwhile.

This has been proven by studies and countless corporate team members attempting to work out a vast number of different escape rooms.

Below is a list of the five most surprising benefits of partaking in an escape room session.

Benefit #1: Better Communication

When a group of people come together to work out a problem, effective communication is key to success.

Unfortunately, in real life, there is always a chance for massive miscommunication between groups of people, such as in the workplace. Sometimes, there’s no communication at all.

This is where an escape room can work wonders. One session can immediately offer the ideal
opportunity for a group of friends or colleagues to figure out together.

Coming together to solve an immediate problem will be critical to escaping the room within the time limit. This is why communication is so essential.

More often than not, this emerges naturally and can make comradery a very easy thing to
accomplish. It is human nature to be communal and nothing is more communal than an escape

The lasting effects can be translated into the workplace or in day-to-day life!

Benefit #2: Increases Problem-Solving

Speaking of problem-solving, nothing can help boost this better than an escape room.
For one, you’re operating under a time limit, putting the pressure on you to help solve the problem quicker and more effectively.

Not only that, but escape rooms always have different problems to solve, making it dynamic enough to keep you energised and engaged.

Your critical thinking and analytical skills are constantly being challenged, meaning your
problem-solving will immediately increase.

Again, these skills can be transferred out of the escape room and can be a good skill to use at work in particular.

Benefit #3: Boosts Productivity

Because escape rooms are pretty exciting, they have a way of boosting the morale of everyone
involved and makes productivity much, much easier.

For the workplace, increased morale leads to employees being more likely to complete their work in a timely manner and at a more efficient pace.

Of course, this could apply elsewhere too, but the workplace is where this benefit is most often felt.

It works even better if you are in the escape room with your workmates.

Benefit #4: Helps Memory

Our memory gets a bit fuddled when we get older. Puzzles and challenges can be a great way of keeping your mind sharp by boosting retention and recall functions in your brain.

This is especially true when interacting with code, symbol or language. Many escape rooms have this and because they’re so enjoyable, they make memorising things much more fun and can do a great job at increasing your memory capacity and longevity.

It will help you in a later escape room game, for sure, and you can use your improved memory in
your everyday life as much as you can in the escape room.

Benefit #5: Strengthens Relationships

Because escape rooms need communication, teamwork and problem-solving skills, this will
doubtless improve the relationship you have with the other players, whether they be your
colleagues, just friends or your family members.

It might even improve relationships between those who don’t know one another as well as they might like. Taking part in an escape room together is doubtless the best way to get to know one another better.

Overall, a live escape game can help benefit you in a number of ways. It’s surprising how much good a 60 minute puzzle-solving session can do.

Escape at the Works

Solve puzzles in one of our three escape rooms here at the Works. Our three rooms include All
Muggled Up, Mi8: Ice Cream and Frozen in Time.